Commercial Applications.
The Market
Commercial swimming pools such as those installed at hotels, motels, health clubs and schools are perfect candidates for solar heating systems where customers and clients expect pools to be kept at comfortable swimming temperatures all year-round.

Solar pool heating is a clean, reliable, and cost-effective technology, and is the most widely used application for solar water heating technology not just for commercial pools but also in desalination plants, dairies, car washes and fish farms and other applications where large volumes of water require to be heated and/or preheated.

The Environment
Most of these applications are currently heated using fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane, or heat pumps each vary in cost and all can be readily offset fully or proportionally with the use of solar energy. On average the amount of solar energy reaching Australia each year is equivalent to 10,000 times the countries total energy consumption. (Ref. Australian Government - Geoscience Australia)

Australia has some of the best solar energy resources in the world having more solar radiation per square metre than any other continent, although our useage of this free and abundant energy accounts for around 0.1% of our total energy usage, that is only one thousandth of a percent (0.0001%) of the solar energy that Australia receives each year.

Solar energy is a free clean abundant energy readily available and is now being captured more effectively with proven and new technologies unlike fossil fuel solar energy is free, doesn't incease global greenhouse gases or deplete the countries fuel reserves.

Using solar energy for heating systems can provide an effective, efficient way to reduce the monthly energy bill for heating in commercial applications.

The Product
Solar Industries collectors are certified or listed by SRCC, FSEC, IAPMO, The City of Los Angeles and CSA andsurvived a grueling EMMAQUA 23-year accelerated weathering test in the Arizona desert. In addition, SI collectors are the first NSF-50 certified solar pool heating collectors in the world, meeting strict commercial pool requirements for safety, durability and toxicity.

Solar Industries collectors are designed to be compatible with commercial-grade high flow, high-efficiency pool filtration systems. The durability built into the design of our efficient solar pool heaters makes them ideally suited to commercial applications and have a rapid payback with the highest efficiencies of any solar technology -well in excess of 80% - according to the U.S. Department of Energy, "solar pool heating can pay for itself in as little as two years and typically lasts 10 years or more."

Hybrid Heating
A Solar Industries Hybrid Solar Pool Heating System works seamlessly in conjunction with your existing natural gas, propane or electrically fueled pool heater giving the commercial pool owner / operator the best of both worlds. Professional Design and Installation ensure your system is designed and installed to the highest standards.