EnWest Solar Pool Heating
Residential Installation.
Solar Pool Heaters can be installed just about anywhere:- ground mounted racks, patio's, car ports or even built into Pergola's to provide shade. Roof installed system shown below.


Installation of a Solar Industries Solar Pool Heating system is simple, yet results in a durable and long-lasting system for years to come. Though most solar pool heating systems are roof-mounted, they can be installed anywhere they have Sun a good portion of the day. Ideally, solar collectors should be mounted to face North, however East, West facing or flat mounted systems can function equally as well.

Solar Pool Heating systems are mounted using heavy-duty marine-grade stainless steel mounting hardware and our polypropylene-coated stainless steel strap.

A properly sized and installed solar pool heater will provide years of trouble-free operation, raising your pool's temperature 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit, extending – and often doubling – the length of your swimming season.

Hybrid Pool Heating System

Solar pool heaters can also work alongside your existing conventional pool heater, giving you the best of both worlds in comfort-control. Often referred to as a "hybrid pool heating system," solar provides the primary source of heat, while your existing heater serves as a backup.