EnWest Solar Pool Heating
Technical Information
Download the Solar Industries Technical Data Sheet 'here' for full technical details.

Sizing Guide
Simply choose from the configuration options shown, click the calculate button below to see an estimated of how many panels you will need to heat your swimming pool.

Pool Size Mtr: * - Enter Width and Length of your pool.
Pool Shape: - Choose the shape of your pool.
Panel Direction: - Select the direction that the panels will face.
Shading: - Is there any shading over the pool.
Location: - Select from North, Mid, or South Australia.
Swim Season: - Choose your preferred swim season.
Panel Size: - Pick from 3 standard panel sizes.
System Size

PLEASE NOTE: there are many factors that affect the performance of a solar pool heater system therefore the system size is approximate and given as a guide only, as with all pool heating systems a pool cover should be used.

System Schematic
Typical layout of solar pool heater system showing motorised valve configuration with optional fossil fuel heater to make a hybrid heating system.
solar industries pool heating schematic

Certifications, Approvals & Testing
Solar Industries Solar Pool Heating Systems meet or exceed the criteria for approvals from the following accredited independent laboratories and agencies: